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A Specialist Law Firm founded in 2010 by Bradley Lee & Keith McAdam. Lee and McAdam Attorneys is based in Roodepoort, Kempton Park and has satellite offices across the country. The team comprises of highly experienced Attorneys that can assist in all legal matters. We offer both an hourly fee base as well as a monthly retainer to suit all your legal needs.

Our Practices

Even though Lee and McAdam Attorneys is a Specialist Labour Practice, we have a panel of experts that are capable of assisting you with any legal matter.

Labour & Employment Law

Labour Law is the law that pertains to working people and their organizations or employees…

Conveyancing Law

Conveyancing refers to the transfer of a legal title of real property from one entity or person to another…


Civil Law & Commercial Law

Rather than criminal, religious or military affairs, Civil Law has a focus on private relations between…


Family Law

Family law, also referred to as Matrimonial Law is an area of the law with the focus on family matters…

Criminal Law

In short, Criminal law is for when someone has committed a crime of some sort…

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Our Team of experts are qualified to assist in any legal field with any legal matter.

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We will take the optimal strategy to ensure the best possible advice and the swiftest assistance and outcome, while keeping you updated as your matters progress.

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