Note to Employers
The employment relationship has been severely affected by the current Covid-19 outbreak, with cases increasing daily.

We have been directed to limit human contact during this period, which will effect companies abilities to continue engagements with employees.

It is evident that these employment relationships will continue to exist and that companies cannot be debilitated by the current outbreak.

It is further a consideration for employers that the present outbreak may necessitate retrenchment processes, short time, the application of leave during this period in order to maintain profitability and saving of companies and jobs.

We wish to emphasise that we continue to offer services to our clients in order to facilitate any employment processes and companies individual needs. We are able to offer legal opinions dissecting the continuation of employment relationships during and after the present virus outbreak.

It is proposed that these processes can be done over Skype, alternatively through other forms of video conferencing.

  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Retrenchment consultations
  • Incapacity hearings
  • Performance reviews
  • Grievance hearings
  • Settlement discussions
  • Conciliation of pending CCMA matters

We are also able to offer policy documents relating to the employer/employee obligations and responsibilities. A large portion of work can be done by correspondence, and we remain committed to our clients’ needs and requirements.


In terms of the predominant legislation throughout this period, employers are referred to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and certain Regulations to this Act.

The employer has the following responsibilities to consider:

  • Attempts / methods to reduce the risk of infection throughout the workplace
  • Identifying the level of risk associated with your specific work and general interaction with the public;
  • Aims of eliminating or reducing the risk of possible infection.
  • Training of staff on all interactions and responsibilities throughout this period (notably through the issuing of policy documents)
  • Correct protocol to be followed when coming into potential contact with the disease, and the obligations of informing and taking necessary precautions where necessary

As this unfolds, new directives from the government shall become prevalent and will require updating policy documents for employees. We are able and available to offer any advice pertaining to current employment obligations and effects that the virus may have on existing business relationships and contractual obligations.